We're, passionately, dedicated to providing meaningful help to others.

For nearly 30 years, Zahn & Zahn has been providing accounting, investment advisory services and tax consulting to our clients.  We help our disciplined clients pursue financial security, grow businesses and manage tax liabilities. This comprehensive approach helps to simplify our client's lives because the road, to reach their goals, becomes clearly defined.

Our mission is a simple one. As an accounting, tax and wealth management firm, we understand the entire picture of our clients' lives.  Serving as a most trusted advisor, we work closely to clarify needs and goals, and offer our full expertise as we guide each client through life, as it evolves.

We recognize the value of building strong client relationships and understand that knowing our client, their business, and the family dynamics will enhance our insight to better understanding their objectives.

We seek life-long relationships built upon objective advice, trust, integrity and mutual respect.


What can Zahn & Zahn do for you?

  • With creative business and personal planning, we help our clients work toward financial freedom...one relationship at a time. 

  • Help you gain clarity on your goals and educate you on what you can and cannot accomplish with your financial resources.

  • Help you implement planning and investment strategies to assist you in achieving your goals.  From planning your retirement; to growing and preserving your wealth; to making smarter decision with your money, we can provide the guidance you need.

  • When you hire us, you gain a long-term partner.  We'll act as your mentor to help motivate you, help you implement key action items and help you address new obstacles and opportunities as they arise.  As your life, finances and goals change, we'll work with you to make adjustments and keep you on track. 

We look forward to your trust.